The Standard of Trust
for Physical Objects
Veracity Protocol allows anyone to guarantee the identity, authenticity, and condition of physical items. We’re combating counterfeiting, fraud, and manipulation.
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The World’s First AI Solution To Securely Connect Physical Assets To Digital Records With Just A Smartphone — No Embedded Elements Needed.

Our next gen solution is based on AI, computer vision & neural networks

  • We create a digital fingerprint based on an item’s unique physical structure — which can verify the item’s identity and authenticity. No embedded elements required for protection or verification.

We detect defects or manipulation

  • Our anomaly detection adds an extra layer of security by identifying flaws in manufacturing — or manipulation by third parties.

We’re less invasive and less expensive than current solutions

  • No impact on manufacturing process
  • No embedded elements = no impact on product
  • Promotes sustainability
  • Guarantees 100% immutability
  • No proprietary equipment needed for protection or verification
  • No need to touch every item to protect high volume of products
We Support All Industries That Value Authenticity

Real-World Applications

Collectibles / Memorabilia
Hardware / Aerospace
Reverse Logistics
Reverse Logistics

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