Protecting people, brands and national security around the globe

Our SaaS based technology is being applied and tested by F500 companies across industries.

Critical Products & Electronics

  • Enabling secure & transparent supply chain
  • Allowing authenticity protection and verification
  • Detecting compromised hardware, tampering and anomalies
  • Unprecedented track & trace down to a component level
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IDs & Security Elements

  • Helping governments, printers and KYC providers
  • Automating QA & Visual Inspection in manufacturing
  • Allowing verification of authenticity of ID documents
  • Detecting tampered or altered ID documents
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  • Enabling automation and trust for secondary marketplaces
  • Automating batch authentication of apparel and luxury items
  • Individually protecting collectibles and memorabilia
  • Rapidly increasing reliability and efficiency
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Blockchain & Industry 4.0

  • Securely linking physical items to any database or blockchain
  • Allowing anyone to create an immutable Digital Twin of an item
  • Enabling reliable track & trace, provenance and ownership transfer
  • Empowering machines to be able to verify physical objects — turning any camera into an oracle
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Our partners

Ready to be integrated

No matter if you are a business, partner or a service integrator you can immediately use, integrate or white-label our services:
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Non-invasive Identification

Identify and trace products without the need for a serial number, barcode, or tag.
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Verify and trace the authenticity of products using only a smartphone.
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Optical Inspection

Ensure the quality of your products through automated optical inspection (AOI).

Why to use Veracity Protocol

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Cut down costs and streamline processes

We offer pure software solution working with non-proprietary cameras
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Empower & engage your end-customer

They already have what is needed in their pockets — a smartphone.
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Instant brand protection solution

Tamper-proof and reliable solution working with your products as they are.

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