The Next-Generation
Physical NFT/DeFi Infrastructure

Tokenize anything & create value for all.

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Secure your physical business. Elevate your products with the NFT/DeFi ecosystem to prevent the risk of becoming irrelevant in the new digital economy.

Value for all
value for all

Build new value for all. Protect your customers, create new marketplaces, establish novel communities, and open unique applications based on an object’s veracity.


Integrate our NFT/DeFi infrastructure to build unique apps & marketplaces. 

infrastructure model
trust as a service
trust as a service

Work with next-gen technologies. Our Physical NFT/DeFi infrastructure is powered by CV/ML algorithms, available on smartphone, and runs on leading blockchains.


150+ brands

in pipeline

20+ blockchains


1.23B+ products

to be tokenized by 2023

$166B+ value

to be unlocked by 2023

Physical Code™ cannot be changed, manipulated, or tampered with because it is based on an object’s unique material structure — unlike tags, chips, invisible markers, or simple blockchain provenance.

Types of Physical code™

Individual Physical Code™

Protect and trace each item individually using its own unique microstructure.

Batch Physical Code™

Protect and trace an entire SKU of items by learning the characteristics of a small sample set.
The secret sauce

Our Physical Code™ cannot be changed, manipulated, or tampered with because it is based on an item’s unique material structure — unlike tags, chips, or invisible markers.

Competitive Advantages
Competitive advantage
target icon

State-of-the-Art CV/ML Algorithms

Contains 30+ CV/ML methods never described in any article. 5Y+ competitive advantage.
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Lighting, Material & Camera Agnostic

Resistant to damages, different lighting, and camera variability. Works on many materials with no special HW.
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Accuracy & Robustness

Tested by F500 companies. Built based on our proprietary datasets with tens of millions of microstructure images.
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No manufacturing changes

No need for special hardware. Durable and widely applicable across materials. Works even when 80% of the Physical Code™ is damaged.


Even when 80% of the Physical Code™ is damaged.


Across all sectors, industries, and many materials.

No external security elements.
No proprietary hardware.
No changes to the manufacturing.

Key parameters
Key parameters


Accuracy (up to)


Secures a product as is

0.1s / 2s

Speed (industrial/smartphone)

Low price

Negligible cost per item




By an immutable Physical Code™
new economy

Create tamper-proof Physical NFT (PNFT) and build an immutable bridge between your physical assets and the digital world.


1/5 Physical Object

Every physical object has its own unique material structure and manufacturing characteristics.

2/5 Object's Photo

Our CV/ML architecture captures these characteristics in a tamper-proof Physical Code™, using a smartphone or industrial camera.
gearDigital gear

3/5 Physical NFT

PNFT is minted as a new digital asset immutably linked with the physical object itself for its entire life-cycle. It cannot be changed or manipulated.
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4/5 Engagement

Customers can claim ownership of the PNFT with a smartphone, authenticate the product, claim rewards, enhance their avatars, and engage in a community.
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5/5 New economy

PNFT can be traded in marketplaces, used in the metaverse, and unlocked for DeFi applications like warranty, insurance, collateral, and more.

Beware! Trust only a PNFT linked with a Physical Code™ that represents the product's unique material structure which can’t be forged. It’s risky to trust an NFT linked with RFID/NFC, QR code, or other tag – these can be removed, replaced, or manipulated.

main advantages
key Advantages
gearengagement icon

Value for customer

Using our PNFT for protecting your physical assets in the digital environment, for smart trading, trusted ownership, authenticity verification, collateralization, e-insurance, e-warranty or quality assurance.
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Value for brands

Using our PNFT/DeFi infrastructure for digitizing your company, opening new marketplaces, creating DeFi applications, establishing novel communities, managing unique content, and increasing profit.
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Accuracy & Robustness

30+ CV/ML methods never described in any article. 10M+ datasets of microstructures and 1B+ in timeline.
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Protocol of Trust

150+ companies in the pipeline. The tamper-proof protocol can’t be changed or manipulated.
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Blockchain Agnostic

20+ blockchains are integrated via our Crosschain partners.

Explore our solutions in various industries. Leverage our technology to secure your physical assets in the digital world.


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