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Veracity Protocol enables any camera to create a tamper-proof Physical Code™ based on an item’s material structure. This secures its authenticity, identity, and security — without special hardware, embedded tags, chips, or markers.

How it works
How it works

Material Structure

Every physical object has its own unique material structure and manufacturing characteristics.

No Proprietary Hardware

Veracity Protocol enables any camera to capture these characteristics and create
a tamper-proof Physical Code™.

Physical Code™

This allows anyone to verify an item's identity, authenticity, detect anomalies, and check for tampering.
Physical Code™

Veracity Physical Code™ is a non-invasive and tamper-proof solution to represent an item’s unique material structure.

Types of code
Types of Physical code™


Protects each product on an individual basis, requires only the item itself.


Protects all products in a batch or SKU, requires only a small sample of items.
The secret sauce

Nobody can counterfeit, change or tamper with the Physical Code™ because it’s based on an item’s unique material structure — unlike tags, chips or markers.


High accuracy in wild conditions

Up to 99.9% accuracy with real-world applicability. Works in various light conditions, angles, and on many materials.

Fast verification on a smartphone

The entire process is simple, fast, and available on your smartphone today.

Robust dataset

The Veracity AI Model™ uses a robust proprietary dataset with tens of millions of images.

No manufacturing changes

No need for special hardware. Durable and widely applicable across materials. Works even when 80% of the Physical Code™ is damaged.


Even when 80% of the Physical Code™ is damaged.


Across all sectors, industries, and many materials.

No external security elements.
No proprietary hardware.
No changes to the manufacturing.

Key parameters
Key parameters


Accuracy (up to)


No embedded security elements

0.1s / 3s

Speed per item, industrial / smartphone (up to)

100% SaaS

Uses non-proprietary standard cameras with negligible costs
Tech lead

Leverage our technology to solve real challenges in the digital world.


Non-invasive Identification

Identify and track your products with unprecedented security and without the need for a serial number, barcode, or tag.

Authenticity Protection

Verify the authenticity of your products using only a smartphone. No hardware or manufacturing changes required.

Automated QA

Ensure the quality of your products through automated optical inspection (AOI) with low costs.

Tamper Detection

Prioritize security by detecting unauthorized changes, tampering, or manipulation of your products.

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