A decentralized infrastructure for the lifecycle of physical items (LoT) to secure end-to-end traceability, data veracity and resource efficiency in supply chain networks.

A New Standard for Connecting Physical Items to Digital Ledgers


Our AI-based tech uses computer vision and machine learning to capture any physical item’s unique material characteristics and connect them to digital ledgers. Anyone can then verify an item’s identity/ authenticity by a smartphone.

Fully tested & developed for over 3 years

Works for many materials 
and surfaces

Currently Under the Radar in B2B Testing

We’re testing our solution with businesses in: Industry 4.0, Pharma, IoT, Laboratory chains, National Banks & Security Printers, Art & Collectibles, Auto-Moto, Luxury Goods, Diamonds and Blockchain-based start-ups.

Read our Onepager (PDF)

Whitepaper is on-request only. Full website is coming soon.

Our mission is to eliminate false data, manipulation and counterfeits by securing physical items’ data veracity.

[photo] Roman Komarek
Roman Komarek
Founder, Vision & Strategy
[photo] Jakub Krcmar
Jakub Krcmar
Co-founder, Development & Strategy
[photo] Dominik Franek
Dominik Franek
Head of Product & Architecture
[photo] Marvan Shamma
Marvan Shamma
Head of Protection Platform
[photo] Jan Lopusek
Jan Lopusek
Partner, Head of Operations
[photo] Jan Navratil
Jan Navratil
Business Director, Art & Valuables
[photo] Vaclav Bedrich
Vaclav Bedrich
Partner, Head of Business Development
[photo] Josef Jelacic
Josef Jelacic
Smart Contracts Expert
[photo] Lumir Mrkva
Lumir Mrkva
Smart Contract Developer & Senior Back-end Developer
[photo] Kamil Behun
Kamil Behun
Computer Vision and Machine Learning Expert
[photo] Jan Habich
Jan Habich
Chief of Product, ONEPROVE
[photo] Alysa Yamada
Alysa Yamada
Copywriter and Social Media Communication Manager
[photo] Fabian Maume
Fabian Maume
Community Management
[photo] Jiri Penzes
Jiri Penzes
Smart Contract Developer & Senior Back-end Developer
[photo] Matus Zamborsky
Matus Zamborsky
Senior System Architect & Analyst
[photo] Pavol Noha
Pavol Noha
Senior Back-end Developer
[photo] Marian Camak
Marian Camak
Senior Back-end Developer
[photo] Matej Tabi
Matej Tabi
Senior Back-end Developer
[photo] Vaclav Slavik
Vaclav Slavik
Senior Front-end Developer
[photo] Pavel Trnka
Pavel Trnka
Senior UX Designer
[photo] Petr Bobak
Petr Bobak
AI/AR Developer, iOS
[photo] Jan Tomesek
Jan Tomesek
AI/AR Developer, Android
[photo] Ondrej Hric
Ondrej Hric
iOS Development
[photo] Martin Popelak
Martin Popelak
Back-end Developer
[photo] Dominik Nozka
Dominik Nozka
Android Development
[photo] Michal Hanych
Michal Hanych
Consultant, ICO & Tax Structure
[photo] Jozef Barta
Jozef Barta
Advisor, Former Unicredit CEO, FinTech Expert
[photo] Adam Herout
Adam Herout
Oneprove Advisor, Computer Vision Expert
[photo] Larry Eisenberg
Larry Eisenberg
Advisor, President of The Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass
[photo] Liron Rose
Liron Rose
Advisor, Entrepreneur, Crypto & Blockchain Expert

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