We strive to create the highest level of trust through technology.

We provide access to the most advanced Vision AI Standard for protecting people and products in the digital world.


Veracity Protocol is an award-winning startup that builds a Vision AI Standard to protect people and products in the digital world.

We guarantee the highest level of trust and security for verifying the identity, authenticity, and integrity of physical objects using a smartphone.

Who we are

We are a group of technical natives with a vision to positively impact our lives through technology.

Mostly CV/ML engineers, vision AI professors, company builders, mobile developers and visionaries surrounded by incredible people, investors and global advisors.
Jakub Krcmar
CEO & Founder
Kamil Behun
CTO & Founder
Roman Komarek
COO & Founder
Dominique Elbez
Chief Commercial Officer
Romain Jarrosson
‍‍Sales Director
Michael Bucella
Blockchain Partner
Prof. Adam Herout, PhD
CV/ML Partner
Prof. Babak Kia
AI/HW Partner
Martin Popelak
Head of Infrastructure

Dominik Nozka
Head of Mobile Development

Careers based on Trust. As a member of our global team, you'll work on cutting-edge innovations and collaborate with industry leaders across sectors & industries.

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Ideas always win. The best ideas can come from anywhere. We have a collaborative culture where we discuss things openly and everyone has a voice.

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