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We provide access to the most advanced Vision AI models for verifying identity, authenticity, and integrity of physical objects.

Automotive Components Identification

Case: An automotive manufacturer requires a comprehensive system to monitor and trace a large quantity of automotive components throughout its distribution channels, without altering the components with any embedded or lasered identifier.

Solution: Our Vision AI Models generate a non-invasive code as the identifier for each component based on its material structure. This cost-effective solution enables any stakeholder to identify and trace items throughout the entire distribution chain, without requiring any special hardware.

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    3D Printing Proof-of-Manufacturing

    Case: A global additive manufacturer wants to assure its customers that every 3D printed item from its factory will be automatically checked for quality inspection and identified against a list of limited editions or potential counterfeits. Moreover, it wants to ensure that its certified printer was used for the printing.

    Solution: Veracity Protocol provides a comprehensive (cloud) Vision AI Infrastructure that monitors fulfillment material, checks the integrity of 3D products, and can determine based on unique features whether the manufacturer's original printer was used. This "cloud verification service" provides a strong competitive advantage.

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      Luxury Goods Authentication

      Case: Our partner, with a customer base of over 100 luxury brands worldwide, is building a new product passport platform to allow brands to provide essential information to consumers and enable trusted second-hand transactions through smartphone product authentication.

      Solution: We provide access to our Vision AI Infrastructure, delivering ample computing power for verifying the authenticity of luxury products. Our partner can also leverage our SDK to create a white-labeled mobile authenticity app for each brand, allowing for a seamless and personalized user experience.

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        Sneakers Authentication

        Case: The global marketplace aims to intensify their anti-counterfeiting efforts by leveraging modern technology for authenticating sneakers. Simultaneously, they plan to develop customer apps to ensure regulatory compliance and provide better customer protection.

        Solution: By utilizing our AI Dataset Creator, the client can efficiently collect any dataset of specific SKUs. By using our Vision AI Models, they can authenticate millions of items in bulk instead of each product. It’s cost-effective with high customer satisfaction.

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          Return Fraud Detection

          Case: A customer, an online rental platform, wants to ensure that returned goods are the same as the delivered items and reduce the cost of their current solution by avoiding the use of NFC chips, which are scarce on the market.

          Solution: Our Vision AI Models can be easily deployed to the client's logistics agents' smartphones, allowing them to identify fraudulent returns. By analyzing product images based on its surface, our models can identify irregularities in the object's structure that may indicate it is a counterfeit. No special hardware is required.

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            Documents Non-Invasive Audit

            Case: Our strategic business partner is seeking a new audit solution for passports, driving licenses, identity cards, and other documents requiring the highest levels of authentication in highly regulated audit environments.

            Solution: We are developing a multifunctional Cloud/On-prem solution based on our Vision AI Infrastructure. Our solution is designed to enable governments to authenticate any types of documents and set their own unique indicators with the highest level of security, all while maintaining the non-invasive nature of our technology.

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              Welding Metals Inspection

              Case: Well-known insurance company aims to improve its inspection process of welding metals using a smartphone. The goals are to increase the speed and accuracy of inspection, reduce human error, and improve quality control.

              Solution: By utilizing our Vision AI SDK and cloud infrastructure, the client is enabled to capture images of welded structures by a smartphone. Images are analyzed using our Vision AI Models to detect any welded integrity issues with a detailed report generated.

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                Precious Metals Authentication

                Case: A commodities investment company client is interested in creating a cloud platform to secure precious metals' authentication. The goal is to verify the authenticity of bullion, to prevent counterfeit products from entering the market, and protect investors' assets.

                Solution: By utilizing our AI Dataset Creator, the client can gather a large dataset of high-quality images of authentic bullion and train our models to recognize fakes. The solution includes a highly accurate and secure application for precious metal authentication.

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                  Motherboards Micro-inspection

                  Case: The partner, a global semiconductor player, seeks a way to track and trace billions of semiconductor components through its supply chain network. Moreover, the authenticity of products must be proven in several countries as part of national safety regulations.

                  Solution: Our Vision AI Models for authentication and micro-inspection are simply integrated into the partners’ track & trace system. It enables anybody to verify the critical components, expose compromised hardware and detect anomalies.

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                    Web3 Oracle for Collectibles

                    Case: A major blockchain provider is developing a decentralized application to facilitate art and collectibles transactions. They require an immutable link between the physical art and its digital representation. Current methods such as blockchain, NFCs, QR codes, or RFIDs are susceptible to manipulation, and therefore, inadequate for this purpose.

                    Solution: We provide access to our Vision AI SDK allowing anyone to authenticate art based on its microstructure and link it to a digital record or NFT in a blockchain. This solution cannot be breached or tampered with.

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                      Physical Toys Tokenization

                      Case: The world-class toy manufacturer wants to unlock new digital assets and rewards for its consumers using decentralized finance & the NFT economy. The client understands that there is a generational shift of kids who are increasingly moving away from physical toys towards digital ones.

                      Solution: Our Vision AI Models enable the tokenization of all toys, creating an immutable digital record of their physical form on the blockchain. This ensures high security, as the records cannot be forged or manipulated, and creates a direct link between the physical and digital. The client can unlock new digital assets for its consumers using Web3 economy.

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