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Leverage Veracity Protocol to prevent the risk of becoming irrelevant in the new digital economy.

Tokenizing physical toys with new-gen technology

Case: There is a generational shift of kids who are increasingly moving away from physical toys towards digital ones. The toy industry faces the risk of becoming irrelevant and losing significant revenue from the sale of physical products.

Solution: Unlock new digital assets and rewards for your consumers using decentralized finance & the NFT economy. Key value is concentrated on supporting the primary sales of physical toys. The new features strengthen market share position and boost customer retention.

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    PNFT/DeFi Marketplace for Luxury Goods

    Case: The partner, who already works with 100+ global luxury brands, is building an NFT Marketplace for linking luxury products to their pNFTs, verifying authenticity during purchase, trading, improving data management tools, opening new DeFi services, and reducing the risk of counterfeiting when products are returned and/or sold on secondary markets.

    Solution: Veracity Protocol is integrating its proprietarya Infrastructure to secure application with streamlined UX, cross-chain and file-storage integration, pNFT minting capability, wallet integration, authenticity protection & verification module, GPU digital image processing architecture, web-based back office, admin interface. Plus DeFi features such as e-authentication, e-warranty, e-insurance, collateral, fractional ownership, and transfer.

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      Blockchain Oracle for Art & Collectibles

      Case: The customer, a key blockchain provider, is creating a decentralized application for art and collectibles. They need to solve the problem of providing data veracity for physical objects. Using simple blockchain provenance, NFCs, QR codes, or RFIDs don't work due to ease of manipulation and low security.

      Solution: Veracity Protocol is applying its proprietary microstructure authentication to analyze objects’ unique characteristics and hash them as the Physical Code™ to the client’s blockchain. It provides the highest level of security of collectibles. It cannot be changed or manipulated because it is based on an object’s unique material structure.

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        Microstructure Authentication of Critical Components

        Case: The partner, a global semiconductor player, seeks a way to track and trace billions of semiconductor components through its supply chain network. Moreover, the authenticity of products must be proven in several countries as part of national safety regulations.

        Solution: Veracity Protocol is integrating its GPU architecture with CV/ML microstructure authentication module and the partners’ monitoring system to enable them to secure a transparent supply chain. Part of the new system includes the protection and verification of the critical components, and detection of compromised hardware, tampering and anomalies.

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          Ready to be integrated

          No matter if you are a business, partner or a service integrator you can immediately use, integrate or white-label our services:
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          Non-invasive Identification

          Identify and trace products without the need for a serial number, barcode, or tag.
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          Verify and trace the authenticity of products using only a smartphone.
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          Optical Inspection

          Ensure the quality of your products through automated optical inspection (AOI).

          Why to use Veracity Protocol

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          Cut down costs and streamline processes

          We offer pure software solution working with non-proprietary cameras
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          Empower & engage your end-customer

          They already have what is needed in their pockets — a smartphone.
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          Instant brand protection solution

          Tamper-proof and reliable solution working with your products as they are.

          Restructuring of Security Printing Business

          Case: The customer, a global leader in security printing, recognizes there will be a gradual reduction in identity documents, tax stamps, and printed packaging in the future. And thanks to advanced technologies like printing, there will be a significant increase in the counterfeiting of these products.

          Solution: We are co-creating new business models that shift from physical security print to platform approaches/software (blockchain-based traceability across the supply chain; non-invasive identification; microstructure authentication), as demand will increase and full system solutions will be prerequisite.

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